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Showing 1–16 of 59 results

The Boho Mini Dress, essential to 70s hippie fashion

The short bohemian dress has established itself as THE necessary dress in a bohemian’s collection, especially for a wonderful sunny day or a walk on the beach. Short dresses are distinguished by an asymmetrical dress, a dress, a buttoned dress, flared dress, flowery dress, and are mostly summer dresses, since they have short sleeves and extremely thin cuts that allow you to tan while walking! We recommend you to check our collection of Boho Midi Dress, perfect for summer.

The beautiful Boho Mini Dress will fit you like a glove!

Wearing a mini boho dress is a pleasurable experience; it is both comfortable and light, and it will elevate your everyday life. Furthermore, you can wear it to any occasion; the short bohemian dress will look equally good at an evening ball with a lovely bohemian evening gown as it will at a conventional day of work with, say, a white bohemian gown.

It is believed that the bohemian style is one of the few that may be easily integrated into our daily attire since no other style provides such a variety of options. True, you’re familiar with a variety of designs that incorporate flowery dresses, long printed dresses, striped dresses, belted dresses, and other hippie dresses.